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Whats your favourite Psychobilly clothing brand?


I started the Wrecking Pit online shop around 4 years ago after selling shirts in my shop in Camden Town which was then called Camden Arch had to shut. It was the only Psychobilly Store in London. I sold records, Cd's, patches, badges, & anything Psychobilly releated. Right behnd the shop was my recording studio, Diablo Records. After building up the buisness we had to shut down due to gentrification. Yes the rich bought it up and the poor musicians were told to get out. Camden Town for me was always a cool Rockin' place to hang out and I hoped my shop contributed to a bit of that history. I have now moved online and as its not really the same as having a physical one, my ideas and designs are still getiing out there selling worldwide. Thanks to everyone that has always supported Diablo Records & The Wrecking Pit.

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